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The blessing empowerment of Buddha Tara

Buddha Tara is an enlightened being who has a special relationship with the people of our world, so that she is able to quickly help us to solve our everyday problems and make progress on the spiritual path.

By taking the empowerment of Buddha Tara we receive her powerful blessings and create a special connection with her, so that she will care for us throughout our life and finally lead us to the pure, lasting happiness that we all yearn for.

The name ‘Tara’ means ‘liberator’ – Buddha Tara liberates us from all fear and suffering. Accordingly, this weekend will also include special advice on overcoming fear and anxiety.

The empowerment will be granted by Andrew Crompton, Resident Teacher at Maitreya Centre.

Timetable: Friday 15th – Sunday 17th February 2019
15:30Teaching 1
18:30Puja (“Wishfulfilling Jewel”)
Sunday09:30Teaching 2
12:00Tara practice


Friday 15th – Sunday 17th February 2019

Maitreja Centre, Tržaška 2, Ljubljana
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Entire event: 70,00 €

Empowerment day only: 50, 00 €

The course is led by the Teachers of Maitreya Centre, Andrew Crompton and Božena Činkole.

Both are close disciples of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and have been practising for 25 years under his guidance.

They have been teaching Buddhism and meditation since 1994 in a number of European countries.

Tara empowerment 15-17 February 2018

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Opolnomočenje Bude Zdravilstva | Medicine Buddha Empowerment | 14-16 feb 2020
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